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Case Study: Dynamics NAV on Azure

About the Customer

Kolid S Team is one of the largest companies in the Republic of Macedonia for distribution of products for wide consumption.

It has been built and is still getting developed mainly on four main pillars that are responsible for its greatness: experienced and professional team, consistent investments in its key resources, strong vision and, most of all, its strategic orientation towards satisfying the needs and desires of the end consumers.

Kolid S Team continually invests in strengthening its own key resources which are crucial for creating a modern distribution, through a thorough development of a stable distributive network, adequate products portfolio, modern and well-equipped storehouse and through its wide range of vehicles.


To facilitate better accessibility and availability of critical business data on Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, Kolid S Team collaborated with Iskon Solutions to migrate its local ERP from to a Dynamics NAV Production environment on Microsoft Azure IaaS.

Business needs

The old ERP system that Kolid S Team was using could not provide the necessary support for the growing requests accompanied with the company’s growth. The company was struggling with lot of software issues like incorrect cost calculation, inability to support the reporting requirements, mobile sales and warehouse management.


The implemented solution centered along Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 on Azure integrated with Power BI and Office 365 productivity package enables Kolid S Team to use the power of modern Microsoft technology to empower their employees, to boost productivity and continue the growth of the company. The mobile sales force is now empowered and more productive as they use the tablet client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can use various Power BI reports to prepare their sales visits and increase the sales to their clients.

On completion of the deployment the customer could access the Microsoft Dynamics NAV data through the Dynamics NAV Windows client or the Dynamics NAV Web client on any computer with network connectivity.


“Deployed on Azure the solution is scalable and cost effective, we can easily increase the performances when we need and as well increase or decrease the user count giving us the freedom to scale our solution to our needs”.

Gorgi Gligorov, Logistic Manager at Kolid S Team



With NAV on Azure you reduce the cost of IT administration because the hardware is being taken care of for you. Costs for software, equipment, licensing and maintenance are reduced as major components such as storage, network and computing are part of the Azure platform. The cloud provider provides management of all.

With Azure, you can easily scale up or down on-demand to meet business needs. Using Azure, you can easily manage applications that run reliably and scale from 10 users to 1000 users or even more.

Azure allows for the easy integration of other applications with Dynamics ERP Software. Because both are Microsoft products, they work well together and play nice with other applications, including Office 365, making reporting and other functions run smoothly.

You get your data on Azure guaranteed by Microsoft with robust security, backup and privacy controls, enabled by Windows Azure, running in geographically dispersed datacenters that comply with key industry standards.

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