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Learning Resources

Multiple Payables and Receivables Posting Groups

This functionality enables posting document and/or general journal with different vendor/customer posting group than those set on Vendor/Customer card. The posting group cand be changed on sales and purchase documents, Finance Charge Memos, Reminders and in journals.

Red Reversal Posting

This functionality enables posting amounts as corrections (negative amounts) in G/L, inventory (negative transfers, expected costs, inventory evaluation), sales/purchase (negative lines) and Fixed Assets (cancelling FA).

Forced Debit/Credit posting

The “Forced Debit/Credit Posting” functionality enables checking the side of posting and force posting on the side, based on Debit/Credit setting in General Ledger Account card.

Cash Desk

The “Cash Desk” module enables additional functionality for cash dealings and provide operational documents (cash receipt, withdrawals) which are common in local practice for better control of the cash management process.

Internal Corrections

The Internal correction functionality enables indicating the Purchase and Sales Document which is created to correct mistakes or to indicate wrongly posted Purchase and Sales Documents. The field can be manually corrected in posted documents, if the document does not refer to the VAT period that is already closed or to the period that is not in the range of allowed VAT dates in the General Ledger Setup.

E-Banking with commercial banks

Enables import of bank statements for different local banks and automation of the process of matching the payments with open entries. Also provides functionality of generating payment file in specific format so it can be imported in the electronic banking system of the specific bank.

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